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At Major Domus, our aim is to assist and educate SFC Licensed Representatives, Private Bankers and Fund Managers discover the advisory potential of their client base under a regional model, ranging from general financial wealth planning, to Ultra-High-Net-Worth portfolio management, to Family Office structuring to year-end accounting and cash flow management.   To join a Partnership with Professionalism, Integrity and Knowledge please speak with Managing Director Marc Geary for a confidential discussion on +852 3902 9582.

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It’s not an easy feat to head out on your own as a family’s private (private) banker or fund manager setting up your own fund – you are growing from a financial professional to a business entrepreneur – and this is what family office Principals seek. With this in mind, Major Domus aims to provide you, the pioneering advisor with access to deep expertise in our field and up-to-date resources that will help you on your way to a successful independently owned practice aligned to your Principals. We will equip you with facts and resources that will help you make the right decision regarding important questions facing your practice.

A Group of 25 years experience across Asia-Pacific

Major Domus is the only SFC Licensed, Family Office, firm with offices across the Asia-Pacific and with a substantial cross-discipline management team. We focus on delivering affordable compliant regulatory licensing and a strong platform to help finance professionals help their client base.

Only pay for what you need

Professionals should pay for the services that they need to service their specific client base and thus a Group of companies or Family Office with a wide range of services, both tailored and off-the-shelf, are required. We do not charge fees for any services that will not benefit your business and we provide several value-add services complimentary.

Extensive Approved Product List

Though we have an extensive open Approved Product List (APL) underpinned by major asset consultants and investment banks as well as all the major platforms and insurance firms, professionals do not have to advertise or even market specific managed funds products. No conditions or revenue targets exist surrounding joining our Group as an SFC Authorised Representative. Our APL is further augmented with a three-person Investment Committee and a Board of Directors with substantial investment experience.

Compliance & Induction Training

Major Domus provides Representatives with Induction Training including updates on portfolio management, fixed income courses, compliance, derivatives, and Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) case reviews but does not involve itself with your day to day relationship of your principals outside of compliance and training. The only requirement is to fully comply with the Securities and Futures Ordinance (SFO) and relevant Rule Books and any appropriate laws and regulations that apply, including understanding the changing compliance landscape. We provide regular webinars and cases studies by former adjudication and regulatory case officers, as well as regular file audits.

Not tied to institutions

Major Domus is not tied to nor has any ownership involved with banks or insurance companies. The Group across Asia-Pacific is owned by the one and same family since incorporation. This allows us to offer a transparent platform and our Representatives whether they be private bankers, financial planners or advisers, accountants, risk advisers or fund managers, have no limitations in providing the best advice and recommendations. With our array of professionals qualified in Law, Business, Commerce, Financial Planning and Derivatives, Major Domus provides the kind of guidance and compliance culture that is expected from a trusted and proven SFC Licensed Corporation, modelled on Board’s depth of experience across jurisdictions.


Frequent training run by former case managers and continuous improvement via collegial mentoring internally means Major Domus has built an innovative platform ranging from basic risk and investment advice all the way through to family office and private banking portfolio management, that puts Major Domus in an enviable position.

The ever increasing importance of SFC compliance undertaken by Major Domus is magnified today due to constant changes in regulatory compliance requirements being monitored by SFC. There is an increased need for thorough training and assistance of authorised representatives in this business setting. Major Domus promotes and executes a rigorous compliance framework aimed at assisting advisers and their clients. The Compliance program in place was designed by our compliance manager (and senior financial planner) who formerly consulted to big four banks on client remediation and payouts and thus assists SFC Representatives in a distinctive mix of professional business reality along with leading compliance processes. This is further underpinned by a three-person Compliance Committee, a four-person Board of Directors and a substantial General Partners.

Representatives Applications Type 4 and Type 9

Major Domus will speed up the process and help you become authorised and mentored by our collegial partnership team as professional and compliant SFC Licensed holders. We guarantee that all applications will be resolved and determined within 10 business days once all due-diligence items are received.

Our Commitment

We at Major Domus take pride in providing our services with professionalism, integrity and knowledge. Our aim is to provide you with straightforward guidance that achieves results. With years of experience we ensure that your business is well taken care of.

Standard Requirements

You must be currently residing in Hong Kong  – Must be of good character and must have a bankruptcy check – Demonstrate their abilities per SFO and their qualifications – Must have 10 or more years’ experience with minimum AuM.


Major Domus is an Asia-Pacific private wealth management firm, focused on helping clients confidently pursue their short-term, medium-term and long-term investment goals. An ethos of entrepreneurial principles and professional independence drives our collaborative culture, dedicated to accessing the right strategy and the right investments for our clients. We are engaged by the client.


Our Private Wealth Managers and Fund Managers are our greatest asset. We seek seasoned professionals who are aspiring to be experts in the field of finance and banking and look naturally to contribute to our clients and immediate environment.

For Major Domus to be profitable, our Team must be resourceful and our clients content. Make no mistake, our Office exists to serve its Principals and General Partners. Thus, substantially qualified private bankers, traders and fund managers are welcome to join us – you will enjoy a non-conflicted, client first training environment and learn a diverse range of markets skills. Partnered as an external asset manager to several private banks to utilise their custody and execution services alongside our investment management capability, we have combined a truly non-conflict approach with a deep value service attitude for UHNW families. Deal-making is often facilitated by inter-Family Office transactions, bringing together the social and financial capital of family principals around Asia-Pacific.  

About Costs

All Licensed Firms that partner with Fund Managers and Private Bankers will set monthly costs for the Authorisation Fee, Professional Indemnity Insurance Costs, Technology, CPT and Compliance Costs. All these charges vary based on your business and range between (generally) 20% and 40% of gross revenue, depending on whether you require software, a desk in the office, more regular file reviews and the level of business you manage. Major Domus does it differently.

Our Approach: A more transparent method is to set a standard monthly fee to cover the use of license and compliance costs as well as the whole of our Family Office platform – our fees depend on the value you can bring to our General Partner families, as well as your own clients, and are a set cost per month plus a small percentage of revenue to keep alignment of scalable costs. In order to start with Major Domus as an Private Banker or Fund Manager, please complete the contact form on the contact page, noting your requests and information and our management team will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

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