Major Domus Multi-Family Office

Major Domus is dedicated to helping families professionally, and to establish structure and grow their family capital. To complete our family service offering we have brought in-house strategic partners to execute international business and tax advisory as well as corporate structuring and legal advice. This provides our clients with direct access to the very best talent across the tax structuring, business consulting and investment management space. Our specialist capabilities fall into three categories.

Family and Business Advisory

Defining and establishing of a family governance framework and family business management framework where warranted. Sourcing solutions for the family business such as cross-border structuring and introducing investment partners.

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Investment Services

Our families have access to all areas of our expertise and skill sets including Asset Consultancy, Investment Consultancy and Portfolio Management. Our focus is on developing the most cost and risk effective investment configuration.

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Personal Services

Ancillary but not subordinate to our family business and investment advisory team, we provide services which assist families with concierge & administration services alongside priority access to cost effective luxury services including luxury travel solutions for our family members.

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