Services and Products


Major Domus offers a range of investment services, allowing high-net-worth clients to consolidate and maximize their access to flexible global investment exposures and banking alternatives. We access the most appropriate services and solutions depending on geographical location, life stage, legal ownership and risk tolerance.  Our partners include: Tier 1 Investment Banks, Global Fund Manager, Retail and Wholesale Investment Wrap Platforms, Award winning broking and execution platforms, Leading Global Insurers.

Major Domus integrates all of your investment services with our investment capabilities and provides clients with the enhanced control and convenience of managing their entire wealth with one firm.

Portfolio Management

Concentration – We aim to invest in a relatively small number of high quality securities including ETFs and Funds (with about 15 to 20 core positions at any one time). We aim to be concentrated enough in our best ideas so as not to dilute our overall returns but hold enough positions in order to provide an appropriate level of diversification. Concentrating capital in high quality businesses builds wealth.

Our strategy is to buy wonderful businesses for the long term in an effort to defer tax, minimise frictional costs and maximise our long term returns. If a business performs well, the stock price will eventually follow.

We aim to hold cash when we feel that no ‘margin of safety’ exists. By doing this we were able to protect our clients’ capital during one of the worst market collapses since the Great Depression.

We are often contrarian and strive to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. To have better performance than the crowd, you must do things differently from the crowd.

We aim to selectively avoid companies and sectors that we have identified to be structurally weak and believe are vulnerable to material price declines.


We provide electronic access to stocks, bonds and funds with consolidated reporting and one Client Adviser. Clients gain a turn-key solution to trading, investment planning and advice.

Risk Tolerance and Management

A key differentiator to Major Domus wealth offering is its approach to portfolio risk management to improve certainty of portfolio outcomes. We utilize earnings forward-looking valuation methodology and portfolio segmentation alongside stress testing to determine well-considered investment decisions.

Low-risk, liability-hedged and performance seeking portfolios may be considered to meet investor mandates. Our fee for service advice may include not investing at certain times given interest rates and risk free returns, current valuations, forecast yields and unacceptable levels of potential loss.