Investment Process

To deliver superior strategic advice and risk-adjusted returns to our investors

Our primary objective is to deliver consistent, risk aware returns. We believe that our utilisation of a range of investment strategies, both process-driven and manager-led, broadens the source of Alpha generation, diversifies risk and delivers risk-adjusted performance.

To preserve capital

Risk management and the preservation of capital are fundamental tenets of our investment process. Portfolio management reporting platforms and bi-weekly markets updates are used to minimise downside volatility. Adopting a multi-disciplined approach comprising diversified portfolios reduces volatility further.

To extract maximum benefit from our service providers

We seek to extract Alpha from our service providers. This is facilitated through the detailed analysis of research and idea generation, execution and cost reduction from our service providers.

To equitably reward our Partners and service providers to generate the best client experience

Major Domus operate a transparent fee for service model. We actively manage relationships to ensure that each service provider regularly appraises the ideas they have supplied. This provides a strong incentive to our service providers to perform to a high standard, focusing and motivating them to achieve a common objective aligned with our clients.