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Major Domus Multi Family Office Portfolio Management

Property Portfolio Management

Major Domus provides a wide range of services to our families including; traditional asset management services, advisory services, and discretionary asset management services.

In line with our investment philosophy we seek to avoid asset overpricing and ‘herd’ investing in our allocations to target the protection of capital.

By following the ‘herd’ investors run the risk of participating in market excesses – such as popular thematic investing or euphoric market bubbles. Instead, we seek out market mispricing and dislocations, which have erred significantly from appropriate pricing. Over many years, this has proven to be the best source of risk-adjusted returns for our families.

Major Domus Properties

Chairman of Major Domus Joe Attrux, has closed two deals for Serene Homes in the United States. The Ft Worth (Texas) Builder’s Association three-time Grand Award winning community is one of the largest master planned communities in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area with 9,000 single family homes and makes a strong case for low valuation entry into any property development investment. Serene de-risks the investment by allowing principal families to partner with it as the developer after the land is bought, sub-divided and zoned, ready to build.

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